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Why Build Modular
Modular homes are factory-built houses consisting of sections, called modules. Modules are constructed off site then delivered and installed. This production method allows for quick, efficient and often times less expensive construction while still achieving the house of your dreams.
Construction Time
Construction time for a modular home is usually less than half that of a site built house. Modular homes are built in factory in a week and can be set in a day or two with little inconvenience to the neighborhood.
Performance Homes
Modular homes are built much stronger in order to travel hundreds of miles and be lifted by cranes and set onto the foundation. They’re built in controlled environments with quality assurance at every point in the production line.
Cost Savings
Modular companies buy construction materials in bulk and are able to pass that savings onto the consumer. Labor costs are also strictly controlled.
Bentley Modular Homes are covered by a 10 year warranty under the 2-10 Home buyers Warranty Program®. Click here to download an informational pamphlet about 2-10 Warranty Program®
We are an approved
Builder with
Modular Homes.

We have a strong partnership with this custom modular home producer. You will enjoy the many benefits of building your new home indoors in a climate and quality-controlled facility by employee-owners. Westchester Modular Homes has been in business over 30 years and have built over 7,000 high performance homes to-date and we are proud to partner with them to deliver your new home.


Modular Home Process
One: Financing
Choose from a local financing source or we can recommend a bank that’s familiar with our process.
Two: Design
You can start with a standard design and modify it to your needs or we can work together on a completely custom design.
Three: Finalize Order
We’ll finalize plans while you pick out counter tops, bathroom fixtures and more through our virtual design center.
Four: Build
The foundation is started and your home is put into production. In 7 short days your home is completed and ready for transportation.
Five: Delivery + Set
The modules that make up your home are delivers to the site and carefully lifted and secured onto the foundation by the end of the day.
Six: On Site Finishes
The electrical, plumbing and heating connections are then completed along with exterior siding, porches, decks, patios, walkways and garages.
Seven: The Final Step
Your home is complete and ready for inspection by the local building department. A Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
Eight: Enjoy Your New Home
Move in to your new home! And rest assured you’re covered by a 10 year warranty under the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Program.
Lets Build Your Dream Home
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